Sep 26

ROV Auditing – 4th October – Singapore


To train in the method of doing ROV audit whether on a new machine or hired one.

The audit of ROV systems is becoming increasingly required by the major oil and gas/renewable clients. In an increasingly competitive world you cannot afford not to meet the required standard.

Personnel need to be trained not to miss key elements on the audit of ROV equipment to the standard as laid down by IMCA.

This one day course is designed to prepare both onshore and offshore based personnel to conduct ROV audits in line with IMCA and industry requirements.  The course discusses:


  • Pre audit requirements
  • Conducting the audit
  • Reporting requirements and feedback


Courses can be tailored to include company specific procedures and documentation.


Sep 26

ROV Assessor Skills – 2nd+3rd October – Singapore


MTCS offers a 2 day Assessor Skills course designed to provide senior offshore personnel with the skills required to assess competence in the workplace. The course adheres to the criteria developed by IMCA.

MTCS is an approved assessment centre by EAL and candidates are therefore eligible for nationally recognised external assessment qualifications.


Candidates must be actively working in a senior/supervisory role and ideally have some experience of appraisal systems as operated by their employer.


The course includes the following modules:

  • Overview of competence management documentation
  • Assessment planning
  • Assessment skills
  • Collecting and judging evidence
  • Making assessment decisions
  • Providing feedback
  • Assessment

On completion of the course candidates will be required to conduct three assessments in the workplace over a range of activities.  Details of these assessment will be included in a Portfolio of Evidence that will be submitted to MTCS for verification within a six month period of course completion.

Sep 25

My day at Capernwray Diving Centre with Gardline

Capernwray Diving centre is the location we use to train our candidates on our ROV, so I thought I would go down to take a look, take a few pictures and maybe even have a go myself!

It was very interesting to see them in action, operating the ROV on the stimulator and seeing exactly what was underwater, Capernwray diving centre have placed Planes,Boats,Cranes and much more underwater for the candidates to have a good look around with the ROV, it was also a great way to find out a bit more about the team. Once the guys had settled in it was then my go to control the ROV, a great experience for me.

Check out a few pictures I took of my day in Capernwray.

DSC_2985~2 DSC_2994~2


Sep 23

Hydraulics Distance Learning


In the offshore industry, Distance Learning provides a large number of unique answers to training and educating when otherwise the remote locations may make learning and tracking employees difficult

MTCS has been offering productive and well-respected solutions in this space for years but have recently ramped up the production of new core courses like HVSA, Hydraulics and Assessor Skills for the industry designing a new framework for offshore Distance Learning and Competence assessment uniquely for the needs of the worldwide offshore industry.

Check out our new Hydraulics Distance Learning Video…

If you are interested please feel free to contact us on either; or +44 15394 40200

Sep 09

Invest in South Lakeland

An area known globally for its astounding natural beauty and unique vibrant culture, South Lakeland is also home for a thriving and innovative business environment where companies can become established, grow and prosper.
The entrepreneurial business spirit is strongly encouraged in South Lakeland, reflected in the healthy number of fledgling enterprises setting up each year in our region, and our work also encompasses projects designed to help make the first steps to start-up as easy as possible.

Jul 11

MTCS & KBA to bring ROV High Voltage courses to Aberdeen

Maritime Training & Competence Solutions (MTCS) say thoroughly assessed aptitude in High Voltage used on ROVs is essential among trainees – and even experienced personnel in the subsea field. In commercial ROVs the voltage can be in the area of 48volts and can go up to 1000, so correct use when carrying out repairs and maintenance is imperative.


With this in mind, MTCS and KB Associates Group of Companies (KBA), who already run courses in Singapore, will be jointly delivering Open Courses in High Voltage Safety at KBA’s facility in Altens, Aberdeen.


The ROV High Voltage course builds skills in troubleshooting, repair and maintenance, which will prepare a Pilot Technician to operate the ROV in a safe and skilful manner.


With training and competence playing a key role in today’s industry, the joint partnership has been a leading initiative that will establish new benchmarks within the ROV industries. Moreover, the synergy and passion for safety, training and competence by both organisations has certainly placed them in the frontier to continuously deliver a more comprehensive training solution to the subsea industry.


KBA provide an integrated professional specialist solution for consultancy and training that fosters safety excellence and quality in the Offshore Oil & Gas industry and onshore terminals construction industries.


Darren Brunton (CFIOSH), the Managing Director of KBA, brings a wide range of safety management expertise, hands-on experience of offshore operations, compliance and training deliverables in all the courses planned by both companies.


Darren commented: “The aim of the partnership is to raise safety awareness alongside with first-class training to the subsea industry, whereby the model has been extremely successful in Singapore and will be replicated in Aberdeen. In addition, KBA’s facility is strategically located in Altens, Aberdeen; offering MTCS a platform to bring its brands and training to the Scottish region.”


The Altens facility, houses dedicated equipment for assessing personnel in the critical Electrical Isolation procedures required, prior to any maintenance that will take place on ROV systems. This course is suitable for those who have completed the two-day course and MTCS & KBA can also assess delegates that have taken the distance learning option.


Gail Bartolf, Global Sales Coordinator for MTCS, said: “MTCS and KBA have a proven track record in delivering high-quality training together and our high voltage courses are the defacto standard for much of the ROV industry, reflecting both industry best practice and current legislation whilst satisfying IMCA R005.”


MTCS is a fully accredited assessment and training centre, whose head office is based in the Lake District and currently manage the largest independent assessment and certification programme for people involved in Subsea Operations such as ROV, Diving and Hydrographic Survey. Providing a full IMCA-aligned Competence Scheme Management service, MTCS ensure personnel are demonstrating competence in the offshore workplace.


Beside regular open schedules, companies also have the option of in-house bespoke programme, where they can focus on their own in-house equipment and procedures.

May 22

Nereus deep sea sub ‘implodes’ 10km-down

By Jonathan Amos
Science correspondent, BBC News

At the time of its loss, Nereus was investigating the Kermadec Trench
The robotic vehicle Nereus went missing while exploring one of the ocean’s deepest spots: the Kermadec Trench, which lies north east of New Zealand.Surface debris was found, suggesting the vessel suffered a catastrophic implosion as a result of the immense pressures where it was operating some 10km (6.2 miles) down.

Nereus was a flagship ocean explorer for the US science community.

“Nereus helped us explore places we’ve never seen before and ask questions we never thought to ask,” said Timothy Shank, from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), which managed the sub’s activities.

“It was a one-of-a-kind vehicle that even during its brief life brought us amazing insights into the unexplored deep ocean, addressing some of the most fundamental scientific problems of our time about life on Earth.”

The $8m (£4.7m) robot was built in 2008 and could operate in an autonomous mode or remotely controlled via a tether to a support ship to explore the Earth’s deepest oceanic trenches.

Click here to continue reading…

May 19

MTCS Keswick to Barrow results

Val Rich Jamie finishDoug finish

Congratulations to Michelle, Richard, Jamie, Doug and a special thanks to Valerie for getting the team to take part in Keswick to Barrow 2014.

They’ve raised £700 so far for MacMillan Cancer Support, but there’s still time to donate so please email

Position Name Start Time Finish Time Elapsed Distance Traveled
1912 Michelle Livesey 6:27:01 AM 7:52:37 PM 13:25:36 40 miles
1914 Richard Warburton 6:26:58 AM 7:52:37 PM 13:25:39 40 miles
1916 Jamie Thompson 6:26:55 AM 7:52:43 PM 13:25:48 40 miles
1977 Doug Greenhaugh 6:26:52 AM 8:08:35 PM 13:41:43 40 miles
DNF Valerie Still 6:27:06 AM N/A N/A 27 miles

May 01

MTCS and the Professional Diving Academy work together to alleviate the subsea skills crisis

By Cherie Fox,

New partnership, MTCS and the Professional Diving Academy, Dunoon, aim to alleviate the subsea skills crisis, by giving newly trained ROV pilots the chance to advance their skills – and increase their flying hours.

Despite current high demand for relevant offshore manpower, Maritime Training and Competence Solutions (MTCS), say thoroughly assessed aptitude is essential among successful trainees and even experienced personnel in the subsea field.

While the oil and gas industry is vital to the UK economy and British companies are at the forefront of its global growth, recruitment difficulties are at their worst since 2007, according to a report by Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce.

If it is not to be held back, this expansion’s skills challenge, 98 per cent of contractors are looking to recruit next year, needs to be quickly met.

The Professional Diving Academy's training vessel, M.V Sleat

The Professional Diving Academy’s training vessel, M.V Sleat

MTCS is attacking this challenge with a specifically designed programme at the Professional Diving Academy. The course will be run in a realistic operational environment, where candidates will be expected to work in shifts over 12 hour periods, as required in a real offshore environment.

Global Sales Coordinator for MTCS, Gail Bartolf, is well aware of the challenges facing newly trained ROV pilots: “Many companies will not take on new trainees, as they don’t have sufficient flying hours, so this is why MTCS is now working with the Professional Diving Academy in Dunoon, one of the most modern diver training schools in the world. We will be offering unrivalled industry training, where the candidate can clock up ROV diving hours in the Sea Loch. “

Courses will be run on a 38m training vessel, M.V. Sleat, which has fantastic onboard facilities and can operate in depths of up to 70 meters. The plans are to run 5-day courses covering several skills, some of which will include the Tether Management System (TMS) and also the Launch & Recovery System (LARS).

To attend the course candidates must have completed the MTCS ROV Pilot Technician Induction course, or have completed a minimum of three months offshore and undertaken one satisfactory assessment of competence.

MTCS, which runs monthly ROV induction courses at Windermere, as well as Singapore and Houston, is a fully accredited assessment and training centre providing a spectrum of operational, technical and supervisory training to the offshore industry. The majority of their courses focus on Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) as used in the oil & gas, nuclear and renewables industry.

Apr 29

Sponsor MTCS on a 40 mile walk for charity

05:30 SATURDAY 10 MAY 2014

Please sponsor our team in the 48th Keswick to Barrow.

The Keswick to Barrow (K2B) Walk is a 40 mile sponsored walking and running event in the English Lake
District. Teams of between 6 and 12 members test themselves on a challenging route, to raise money for
charities and good causes.

MTCS are donating to MacMillan Cancer Support.

MTCS Team Members:

Valerie Still
Michelle Livesey
Richard Warburton
Jamie Thompson
Doug Greenhough

Please email to register your interest to sponsor us. (No minimum donation.)

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