ROV Training Course

Our 11-day ROV Pilot Technician Induction course that is suitable for qualified, experienced personnel wishing to pursue a career in the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) industry.

MTCS work closely with the ROV contracting companies, and are fully aware of their recruiting requirements and programmes. For this reason, we ensure that courses run meet their demand for personnel, and there is the best possibility of securing a position offshore.

Successful candidates are automatically registered into our industry-leading Competence Management Programme and given access to our Hydraulics Distance Learning package.

All candidates have a suitable technical background in order to attend the course and secure a position in the industry once completed. Candidates must therefore have at least 2 years experience in either electrical/electronic systems or hydraulic/mechanical systems, with an emphasis on first line fault finding and repair:

We require a current CV from applicants before booking, and we will offer a fair appraisal of the candidate’s chances of securing work in the industry prior to them investing time and money on our course.

We also ensure that personnel receive assistance in securing placement offshore upon successful completion of the training course, including providing guidance on interview techniques and CV writing. We are frequently asked our client companies to forward the details of potential candidates for them to review, and maintain a list of ROV managers and HR personnel for distribution.

The course incorporates Safety Induction and ROV Pilot/Technician training to meet the knowledge requirements of the IMCA Pilot/Technician Grade II and Grade I competencies. In addition to this the course provides the opportunity for candidate’s to develop their piloting skills using our in house ROV system.

Ex-military personnel wishing to pursue a career in the ROV industry can apply, through resettlement, for ELCAS funding that can be used for this course; our Learning Provider Reference Number is 2033.

The total cost of the ROV Pilot Technician course is £2995 including VAT. Please note that accommodation is not included in the course cost; there is a wide range of accommodation to choose from within walking distance from the training centre, so you can choose one to meet your budget and requirements.


Things to remember!

  1. We only take qualified/experienced technicians/engineers
  2. Cost includes:
    • 11-day intensive ROV Pilot Technician Induction Course
    • MTCS Hydraulics Distance Learning Package
    • The industry-leading MTCS Competence Management Programme


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  1. Baz Worgan

    I am looking to get into this industry. However my only experience job wise is 9 years as an EMT (in ambulance service) and 3 years as a police officer.

    I have no experience in electrical or hydraulics, however i am a fast learner. What course would I need to become an ROV tech or pilot.



    1. Andy

      Thanks for your enquiry!

      You need to get some electrical/engineering qualifications so you will have a basic understanding of what’s going on.

      Please go to to get some information on how to start your career in the marine industry.

      When you’ve gained some qualifications/experience you should take our ROV Induction Course.


  2. Chris Baker

    I’m currently leaving the forces and looking into the best courses to undertake to get into this industry. I have NVQ 2 Engineering Maintenance and Installation. Would this be relevant?

    1. Andy

      Yes that is a relevant qualification to our course, if you are thinking of applying then please send your CV in to so we can confirm you would meet the requirements of the course.

  3. Joe Kastner

    CHANGED MY MAJOR! I am an incoming freshman to Iowa State University. I was originally going to pursue Architecture but decided otherwise after taking an internship at a firm. I took two years of a hands on course for Marine Biology during high school, receiving scuba certification, along with learning what it takes to run an aquarium, and know your fish. With this in mind I looked into ocean careers and found piloting an ROV to be the most exciting due to my love for the deep ocean. The question is, what classes do you recommend I take? From exploring the subject I found that I needed knowledge in electrical and hydraulic systems, oceanography, and meteorology. I have scholarships already sent in to Iowa State so I thought about getting some extra experience before jumping strait into the training courses. The college has lots of great engineering options in all categories and there is definitely something to take. It’s just I know very little of what it takes to be a great ROV technician and I don’t know where to start, but I am willing to work.

  4. Pavel Nektorov

    Hello! I’m interrested in ROV courses. A have a master’s degree in Uderwater Robots and Robotics. Also have experience in MATEC ROV Competitions(team-member). Also 10+ years of Diving(master scuba diver PADI) Now I’m Project Engineer in Civil Engineering (Security systems) in large International company. Also I’m looking for a job in this field cause i like it! ;)
    Could you give me advice how could I participate in courses and may be future opportunities.
    In addition I’m from Russia, and do you have any experience in visa support(business/tourist) for dates of training program.


  5. Haridutt Sharma

    I am looking for basic ROV course or certification??

    I am survey engineer since last 6 years and also worked 11 years as senior service engineer of survey instruments. I have vast knowledge of inspection class and work class rov like Seaeye Falcon, Tiger, Panther , Sealion, FCV and Seapup.

  6. Elmer Santos

    Hi Andy,

    I am currently working as an Electrical Engineer here in UAE, rarely go to site. I graduated as BS ECE. Mainly my job is on from Tendering, Design, Procurement up to Commissioning of project. Projects are pumping station, substation, WWTP, metering units. It was a dream for me to join in the field of oil&gas, hopefully to shift to this field when I’m still young and eager to learn new things. What procedure/step can you advise to me? I would like to take the course for this ROV since my brother in law is a seaman and he is insisting me to study these and get a job at this field. It is kinda costly but rewards are much higher as I can see.


  7. Daniel Nevison

    Been to the training centre in Windermere for a look around two weeks ago and i was very impressed with the centre and staff, very friendly and full of information and will be booking a ROV course with MTCS, Thanks!

    1. Andy

      Cheers Daniel!
      We look forward to seeing you again. :)


  8. Alex Compton

    I am looking to get in to this industry, i have an NVQ level 2 in instrumentation and BREC level 3 in operations and maintenance. Would these qualify me for the ROV training course?

  9. Darren

    Hi Andy.

    I am very interested in training as an ROV pilot/ technician but I would just like to check as to whether I would be eligible. I am currently serving in the Army in the Royal Corps of signals so i have experience working with a multitude of radios and other electronic equipment. Obviously our job includes and high degree of maintenance and fault finding so I hope this is beneficial.

    As for academics my job has given me an NVQ level 3 in telecommunications (Professional).

    Would this be sufficient for me to get on to the course?

  10. Liam


    I am currently an offshore instrument fitter working on impluse lines, pneumatic lines. Fitting instruments. I hold NVQ 3 in Mechinacal Enginneeing- plumbing. Swageklok tube course.

    Small bore tube ECITB MJI12 (swagelok, Paker A Lok, ringlok)

    MJI 10,18,19 torquing and tension techniques.

    Would I be able to attend the course as I am looking to become a ROV Pilot.

  11. Christian


    Could you tell me what the typical starting salary is for some one who is employed following successful completion of ROV induction course?

    I am seriously considering leaving the Royal Navy with the intention of becoming an ROV Pilot/Tech.

    I’ve a Foundation Degree in Electronic Engineering and 11 years experience in this field.


  12. Pete

    Hi Andy,

    I have a NVQ level 2 in mechanical and electrical engineering I gained the qualification roughly 12 years ago since then I’ve spent 10 years in the military and currently work in Iraq in the security sector for oil and gas. I’m looking for a career change within the next year or so. Would my NVQ level 2 help me in the right direction in becoming an ROV technician.

    I’ve been told that some companies will sponsor certain individuals through there training? If successful in completing the course how easy is it to get work with out the experience ?

    Any response will be much appreciated.


  13. Bryan Hodge

    Hi Andy

    I have an SVQ 3 in Aeronautical Engineering, I have been working in aircraft heavy maintenance and production for 11 years but im looking for a change in career, would this be suitable experience?

  14. pat


    I have been a commercial diver and supervisor for the oil and gas industry for the past 15 years in the GOM and abroad. I’m looking into a lateral move to ROVs. I have no formal training in electronics / mechanics. However I do have years offshore using advanced subsea tools for heavy construction and inspection should. Would my background as a commercial construction diver be suitable for past experience for ROV entry work?

  15. Tony Weaver

    Hi Andy. I’m wondering whether I’m eligible for the ROV course I’ve got thirty years behind me as a mechanical fitter / technician and have vast knowledge of hydraulic and mechanical systems and how they operate and fault finding and repairs, I also have my offshore survival tickets: BOSIET- EURO – MIST, If you could let me know I would be very grateful. Cheers

  16. Tygue Theron

    Hey Andy.
    I have a BSc (chemistry and polymer sciences). I have worked on construction sites in the summer assisting maintenance of excavators. I have very little electrical experience. Would I be able to apply?

  17. shady sherif

    hey there,

    i’m an offshore project engineer in the egyptian maintenance company for almost 3 years now, i’ve been graduated from faculty of engineering as a mechatronics engineer and i already have the background of mechanical and electrical engineering. i was willing to shift my career to be a ROV pilot and i’m looking forward to this, so can you help to know what are the requirements, the course prices, starting dates, places and how can i inquire for it.


  18. Edward Grace


    Just a couple of quick questions. I’m currently serving as a high threat No 2 operator in the British Army, with 3 years (including 6 months HERRICK operational) IEDD RCV experience in 4 platforms (wheelbarrow mk8b, cutlass, dragon runner and packbot). I operate and maintain level 1 maintenance on these systems, license every 6 months and whilst also undertaking a week long 24 hour EOD duty roughly twice a month. I’ve also deliver training on these systems.

    Does this count as transferable skills/experience into this sector?

    Is there any recommend courses prior to the one provide that would give a better standing for someone in my position?

    Kind Regards,

  19. Andy Connolly

    I’m nearing the end of my apprenticeship as an Electrical Engineer. I have worked on large, heavy, small and intricate machines in the semiconductor industry. I just don’t want to be stuck in a factory (wearing a cleanroom suite) forever, and this is an industry that has caught my eye. Would I be suitable for the course? I have done 1 year full time college, and now 3 years onsite, 2 of which I atteneded another college on a day release basis for electrical engineering. In my current job I am an apprentice maintenance mechanic, fixing electrical faults and mechanical faults.

  20. Peter talbot


    I spent 16 years in the military (special forces) then working for Vodafone/ O2 as a radio engineer. Now with Openreach as a multi skilled telecoms and IT engineer. Would I have the pre requisites for this course?

    Thank you

  21. Andrew Matulewicz

    Hey there, i am currently in the armed forces as a vehicle mechanic but i have recently been looking for a career path in the oil rig offshore industry. I was wondering if someone from the companies would be able too email me at some information on courses i would need and application processes please.


  22. Neil

    i’m in the process of leaving the Army in which ive spent the last 12 years as a communications engineer and an explosive ordnance disposal operator. I have a wealth of experience in establishing, maintaining/ repair of radio systems. I also have qualified as a High threat no2 which enabled me in the use of various land based ROV’s. Whilst they were all land based I was instumental in maintaining the kit, in all aspects, often in remote and harsh environments as part of a close knit team. My background is royal engineers. Do I need to spend £k’s on a course to get me going? Thanks.

  23. vishnu madhusudan

    respected sir,
    i am a marine engineer from india. i would like to persue a career as a rov pilot /rov technician. an you please let me know weather i am qualified and what will be the course fee. and how can i join the course.
    thank you


    I have been a draftsman for about 30years, doing architecture, mechanical, machinery and some of piping right now I am into environmental services and project management Recently I found out about the ROV TECH thing and it blew my mind, the more I look into it the more interested I get. Do you think I have enough background to go into this career? I can’t wait to find out.

  25. Sunday Idiyeli

    i am a graduate of mechanical engineering from Nigeria, please inform me if am eligible for ROV pilot/technician
    course in your training center in singapore. please inform me, thank you.

  26. Sunday Idiyeli

    please am a graduate of mechanical engineering from Nigeria, inform me if am eligilble for the course in Singapore and cost for a foreigner. thank you

  27. Dmitrij Antonenko


    I am an experience Bosun/Rigger foreman,I have 7 years of experience in offshore industry.And I would like to change something for myself and I would like to start a new carrer like a ROV pilot. Is it possible to take a course in your company? What you think I am OK to take that course? Can you send some information about that course!

    Kind regards
    Dmitrij Antonenko

  28. Bada

    Hello Andy,
    I am a BSc Mechanical Engineering graduate.
    Worked within the Gas Turbine industry as a nentanance and operation engineer for the past 7years. Want a change of career,,discussed with a friend in Australia,he intoduced me to ROV after reading through what the course entails,I find in interesting. Am I qualified to embark ob the course with your establishment? Thank you.

  29. saurabh sachan

    Dear Andy,

    I am an Electronics and communication Engineer, i have done my 4 years degree from my nation’s recognised university.

    i have worked with shore based industry for one year where i was looking after all electrical, electronics and automation side of the industry.

    then i have worked more than 24 months on board in offshore industry an an electrical officer, electronics officer and ETO. onboard i had good experience of mechanical hydraulic and pneumatic also.

    i have done DP Maintenance and PLC cirtification also.

    i have good knowledge of computer and English language.

    Now i want to switch myself into ROV field.

    so i want some suggestion from your side regarding further career in this field and what would be the best way to enter.

    Thanks and Regards

  30. Eric

    I am looking into getting out of the diving industry and into ROV. Would the diving background help me get into this course?

  31. ratan

    i am a Marine engineer and working on DP-2 vessels for last 3.5 years and now have designation of 3rd Engineer. I have a keen interest in Pilot Technician course and also in the career. Need guidance regarding the same.


    Dear Sir/Madam
    Rov pilot/technician course in preferebly in Jan 2014.
    If not possible in Jan 2014, then I shall try to make myself available for some next courses in Singapore depending upon my schedule.

    I have about 34+ years hands on theoretical,practical experience in Planned, breakdown maintenance in Electrical, Electronics, Remote control Engineering of marine systems & Equipments.
    I have been working on various Electro-Hydraulics, Electro- Pneumatics, Electro-mechanical remote control engineering systems also involving power Electronics & digital technology.
    Please advise further at the earliest possible to enable me to book the course and transfer the booking fee well in time.
    Thanks and best regards
    Narinder Singh

  33. Yeremmia

    I am fresh graduate high school diploma in mechanical engineering. currently, i am working as a technician in poly silicon company. i am interested to work as pilot technician. please guide me to get into this course.

  34. Henry

    I have worked in the electrical / electronics / networking field most of my adult life. I also have some experience with instrumentation. While I have no college or official degree I do have tons of specific training offered by Electrical Unions, USAF, US Army, and several other programs. I have performed maintenance on WSR-88D weather radar, a multitude of range target devices (robotics of a sort), and numerous other electronics. Also I have Security Plus Certification through Comptia.. What are my odds???

  35. Veeramalai Karuppiah

    Dear sir,

    I am currently sailing as ETO on offshore vessels, i am plan to get into the ROV
    please advice

    what are the course i need to do, training, course duration, location and fees…..

    Karu ETO

  36. Achu

    Dear Sir,

    I am working as a coating inspector Since last 7 years and currently i am at Offshore Brazil.

    My basic educational qualification is Diploma in Electronics and communication engg.
    Is it possible to do the ROV training ?

  37. Sathish Sekar

    Dear Sir,

    I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer, I am from India, i have done my 4 years degree from my nation’s recognised university.
    Currently i am working as Electrical officer onboard Merchant Navy ships. I have good experience in mechanical hydraulic and pneumatic also.

    i have done PLC certification course also.

    i have good knowledge of computer and English language.

    Now i want to switch myself into ROV field.

    so i want some suggestion from your side regarding further career in this field and what would be the best way to enter.

    Thanks and Regards

  38. Jason Morgan

    I am looking at a ROV operators course and have city & guilds level 2 in engineering manufacturing, mechanical and also in level 2 in engineering drawings, materials, Engineering H&S, basic bench fitting, basic lathe turning, basic milling. Would these be adequate to help me progress on this course and get a foot hold in thefts hire industry.
    Thanks Jas

  39. Sij

    I am automobile engineering diploma holder, with no experience in the field. Currently working for a petroleum company in Oman, The nature of my current job is nothing related to technical operation. But I’m really looking for a change. What course will I have to go for..? Whether this qualification will allow me to boost up my career….?

  40. Win


    I am very interested in your training course as i would very much like to work within your industry.
    I feel i have all the qualifications and experience necessary for this course however i am colour blind?
    I am not 100% sure as to which level at this time.
    Can you please advise as to whether this would affect my chances of being successfully selected as a candidate for this training course?

    I look forward to your reply.



  41. Dimitar

    Dear Sirs,
    I am very interested in your training course.
    I have a few yrs in offshore industry and I`d like to grow in this field.
    My overall experience is in lifting equipment – 10 yrs. as a lifting equipment technician (hydraulic and mechanical systems) and 4 yrs. as lifting equipment engineer (maintenance and repair).
    Please inform can I apply for Your ROV training course?

    I look forward to your reply.


  42. Derrick

    To whom it may concern,

    I currently serve in the RAF as a Survival Equipment Fitter, and I am coming to the end of my 12 year engagement. I am seriously considering a career change to become an ROV Pilot / Technician, so i can hopefully get a job next to my father with Technip.

    I have spoken to the Training and Development Flight at my Unit to get the ball rolling, so I can get my Enhanced Learning Credits allocated with your company to pay for the course. They have told me that I have to get in contact with yourselve’s first to get dates allocated, then they can release the funding required.

    Could you please email me back with advice, course dates and any other available information that i may require.

    Many Thanks

  43. BOBBY

    i am bobby uthup mechanical engineer currently working onshore rig as material man, recently cam to know about this rov technican . i am keenly interested in job ,how can i get into this field..

  44. Kajal Krishna Paul

    DEAR Sir,
    I am a Class IV marine engineer from INDIA presently working on a merchant vessel…my work is to maintain and operate all machines on board the ship . I have done all the advance course of the STCW requirements and have experience of hydraulic, mechanical and electrical equipment found on ship. I want to be a ROV PILOT. I just want to know the probability of getting the job after doing the course as i have seen in many fourm and discussions that the companies do not take trainees…the point is that if they dont take any trainee, how come a fresher will get the experience…

  45. Jayakrishnan

    I am an Electronics and communication engineering graduate. I am very much interested in the ROV pilot course. I would like to know about the fee structure and duration for the same in Singapore.

  46. mark prendergast

    Hi I have been working in an oil refinery for the past 9 years and have experience of monitoring and controlling refinery operations, including high and low pressure steam control also in my job spec is an excellent working knowledge of positive displacement pumps,automated safety valves, gate valves and butterfly valves. I also have an HNC biotechnology along with IOSH Managing Safely certification COSHH training among other qualifications regarding refinery operations. Would any of these qualifications enable me to start a new career as an ROV technician?

  47. Ryan Spence

    Good Morning,

    I have just left the armed forces after 16 years and completed all my offshore and NDT courses however find a career in ROV far more interesting and something i would love to peruse. Equally i love diving so sub surface is the career i want to peruse instead of NDT.
    Briefly my military background. I finished as a senior manager in the Royal Armoured Corp. The job entailed inspecting, maintaining and repairing a troop of CVRT amongst other duties. Anything from servicing, preparing gearbox/engine lifts, brakes, radiators, tracks, axels, dampers, 30mm Cannon etc. So i have loads of experience in mechanical systems yet don’t formally hold the qualifications. I have completed many courses in my years of service and excelled in everyone of them finishing top or very close to it. I found all aspects on NDT inspection fairly easy from knowing nothing about the industry to gaining all level 2 qualifications in all techniques.
    I am more than happy investing in my personal development to get the best start in a career in ROV and have a CV ready if required.
    Please any advice you could offer to get my new found passion started would be very much appreciated.
    Kind Regards,

    Ryan Spence

  48. Steven Fallon

    Hi I am currenly working as a test engineer for a precision handling company. I have compleed a 4 year appreniceship from which I gained an HNC in Electrical Engineering.

    I am looking to start a career offshore, however I am finding this difficult due to having no offshore experience. I am intererested in doing the ROV pilot training course.

    What are my chances of getting a career as an ROV pilot after doing this course?

  49. Christopher

    Hi Im currently work in certis cisco as an auxiliary police officer for 2 years. … I dont have any qualifications for electrical or engineering qualifications. … but im experience in doing house electrical for three years…. I work for an electrical contractor bos in my previous job… am I qualified to join rov….

  50. vaibhav anand

    sir i wear -4.5 spectacles am i eligible for rov pilot cource.

  51. william

    interested in new technology. do you have any lesson plans I could look at

  52. Liam

    I’m currently in the army just now, I have been looking at the rov course looks like something I would be interested in. Im a qualified electrician and have city and guilds level 3 qualified, will this help me get on the course.

  53. Liam

    I am leaving the army next year and was looking at doing the ROV course on resettlement, I’m a qualified electrician and I’m city and guilds level 3 qualified. Would this help me to get on the course?

  54. Asa Gwani

    I am writing to confirm if i do qualify for the Rov course before I proceed to book a date. Had my undergraduate in Mechanical engineering and i’ve got 2 years experience in the field.

  55. Derek

    I will be leaving the RAF soon, currently hold NVQ 3 Diploma in Mechanical maintenance, NVQ 3 Heavy vehicle maintenance, NVQ 3 Engineering production, HNC engineering systems. Is the hydraulic package ROV specific or would the qualifications I hold cover this as modulates of HNC & Mechanical maintenance?

  56. Ejiofor vincent udeawka

    from your requirement am qualify to attend Rov pilot tech course in your firm.i want to know how i will obtain your form and the details of financial logistics for travelling from nigeria to uk, or any other located area for this training .thank you.

  57. mohamed

    am looking to get into this industry , am a marine engineer I have 3 years experience in the marine diesel filed Would this be relevant to get rov pilot course

  58. Brian

    i have completed my engineering degree in the field of instrumentation. i also have a 6 months experience on a thermal power plant. am i eligible to be a ROV pilot/technician. i am from Mumbai, India.


    I graduated B.E in electronics branch with 68%.I want to enter in Oil & Gas companies So please suggest me what Job is prefer to my branch and what training courses i have to do for getting the job.please any one suggest me.please I am awaiting for reply

  60. scott

    Im looking to make a move into rov’s im currently a commercial diver but i have no qualification in electronics but over the years of diving we work with a lot of mechanical equipment. Can i still do the course

  61. Kenny Elliott

    Hi, I have worked as a test engineer in the automotive industry and a R&D engineer in the pump industry. Currently working as an Instrument support engineer in the food & Bev & Pharma indusrties. I have an HNC in electrical / electronic engineering. Would this be sufficient experience to join the course. Thanks

  62. Andy House

    I have a Diploma of Technology in Naval Architecture and have spent the past 8+ years working as a LWD/MWD Operator on oil rigs. Would this qualify me to enrol in your ROV Pilot Tech course? Thank you.

  63. ATHUL

    i am looking forward to migrate to this industry. i am now working as design engineer and did my bachelors in mechanical and done my masters in tooling. Could you tell me if this would be good requirement to get into ROV industry?

  64. jaime duggleby

    I am interested in one of your course – could you please e-mail me a breakdown of what I will be learning in the 11day intensive ROV induction course thankyou

  65. Sanaullah

    Dear Andy,

    I am a trainee air supervisor and having experience more than15 years in diving field, am i eligible for rov operator course

  66. Roger Saiger

    Hi, I am looking to take my career in a new direction. I have 29 years experience in the Motor Vehicle industry, 18 years working in Dealerships in the UK and the last 11 working for the US army as a civilian mechanic.

    I spent 8 years in the USA and 3 years in Afghanistan. Would I need any further experience/qualifications in order to take advantage of your training course. I would be paying for the training myself so a breakdown of any extra training that would qualify me for a fully licensed ROV operator/tech would be helpful.

    Thanks, Roger

  67. Narender kumar

    Dear Sir,
    I have 10 years experience in marine industry and now last 5 years in working in drillship offshore vessel. Would this qualify me to enrol in your ROV Pilot Tech course?

  68. Edgar A. Deloso

    Good Morning,

    I would like to ask when is the next schedule for ROV Pilot Tech Level I?

    Please let me know that I could arrange my schedule.

    Thank you,
    ROV Pilot Tech II

  69. Suresh Subramahni

    hi MTCS,

    i’m working as a ROV tooling technician pass 6 years and I interested in ROV Pilot Technician Induction course.
    could you please provide me an e-mail address for me to send my CV.

  70. Cris Harland

    Hi looking to get into the rov industry offshore I have c&g in plumbing & heating & a nvq level 3 in engineering service maintance ? What is the best course / path to go down
    Thanks cris

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